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Manufacturers Index - Power, Tainter & Co
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This firm was one in a series of Philadelphia makers of woodworking machinery. In 1869, E. C. Tainter—formerly the head of J. A. Fay & Co.'s Worcester, MA operations, and who operated under his own name in Worcester—joined the firm of Power & Davis, with the resulting firm being named Power, Davis & Tainter. By 1874 the firm was known as Power, Tainter & Co. At some point it became E. C. Tainter & Co., and then in 1878 that firm was bought out by Goodell & Waters.

Information Sources

  • The Feb 28, 1863 issue of Scientific American is the first mention we have found of E. C. Tainter, of Worcester, MA, operating independently. "Address J. A. Fay & Co., or E. C. Tainter, Succeeding Partner, Worcester, MA". This was shortly after Jerub A. Fay's unexpected death, and J. A. Fay & Co.'s Worcester operations became an independent entity while their Cincinnati operations became their headquarters.
  • The December 25, 1866 issue of Scientific American carried this ad: "E. C. TAINTER, OF THE LATE FIRM OF J. A. Fay & Co., having bought the Letters, Orders, and Correspondence of the late firm, respectfully solicits orders for Wood-working Machinery. E. C. TAINTER, Worcester, Mass."
  • From the June 5, 1869 issue of Scientific American: "WOOD TOOLS. Power, Davis, and Tainter, 3003 Chestnut st. of Philadelphia, Pa., builders of Wood-working Machinery. E. C. Tainter, successor to J. A. Fay & Co., Worcester, Mass., is from this date one of the firm. Special attention given to Woodworth Planers. Late Power & Davis, l5O5 Penn. avenue, Philadelphia, Pa."
  • The July 10, 1869 issue of Scientific American carries this ad: "WOODWORTH AND FARRAR PLANERS Wood Tools, etc., at No 3003 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. Power, Davis & Tainter." The same ad in subsequent issues had the word "Manufacturers" inserted.
  • The 1874 work, Wiley's American iron trade manual of the leading iron industries of the United States, contains the following entry: "POWER, TAINTER & CO. 3003 Chestnut Street. Wood-working machinery, moulding machines, planers, sash, blind, and door machines, etc."
  • Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol. LXIX, January-June 1875: Medals awarded at the Franklin Institute Exhibition: Power, Tainter & Co. Re-sawing machine. Silver. Woodward Double Surfacing Floor-Board Planing Machine. Bronze. Combined sash sticking and moulding machine. Honorable mention
  • From Reports and awards for the Centennial Exhibition, 1876: "Power, Tainter, & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., U. S. WOOD-WORKING MACHINES. These machines are well and substantially constructed, and adapted to their several purposes as wood-working machines."
  • From the September 1876 Manufacturer & Builder writeup on exhibits at the Centennial Exhibition: "Messrs. Power, Tainter & Co., of Philadelphia, attract a good deal of attention with a full line of surfacing, panelling, cut-off, planing and matching, and re-sawing machinery."
  • The November 1878 issue of Manufacturer & Builder carried this notice: "Messrs. Goodell & Waters of 1,507 Pennsylvania avenue, Philadelphia, the well known wood-working machine makers, have, in addition to their already extensive works, purchased the large establishment of E. C. Tainter & Co., (formerly Power, Tainter & Co., at 3103 Chestnut st.), in that city, and are running the same in connection with their other works. With increased facilities and a larger stock of designs they are now better prepared than ever before to supply the wants of wood-workers, and parties fitting up shops will find a line of machinery at this establishment, which, in completeness, cannot be surpassed by any other house in the trade, while in point of construction the machines of Messrs. Goodell & Waters are all that good workmanship and material are able to produce."