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Manufacturers Index - Adcock & Shipley Ltd.
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Founded in 1914 and active until at least 1968, this firm made vertical and horizontal milling machines, including a Bridgeport design that was made under license from Bridgeport Machines, Inc. In addition, some Adcock & Shipley machines were sold in North American under the Bridgeport badge. In about 1968 Adcock & Shipley was acquired by Bridgeport owner Textron, and in 1986 Adcock & Shipley's name was changed to Bridgeport Machines, Ltd. The USA incarnation of Bridgeport went bankrupt in about 2002 and the Adcock and Shipley works were shuttered at that time, if not before.

Parts and Service for Adcock & Shipley Machines

Parts and service are no longer available. If you are looking for parts your best bet is to find a parts-donor machine. You should investigate whether there are Bridgeport-badged machines that are the same as your Adcock & Shipley machines as the Bridgeport-badged machines may be more readily available.

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