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Small, Vintage (1880) Gould & Eberhardt Shaper - US $750.00 (Milford, CT)
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Item Information:
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Ad Title: Small, Vintage (1880) Gould & Eberhardt Shaper
Item Class: Metalworking Machinery
Item Type: Shaper, Metal
Size: 8" (?) stroke
Manufactured By: Gould & Eberhardt
Price: US $750.00
Seller Type: Private Seller
Seller Member ID: R. T.
Item Location: Milford, CT
Ad Posting Date: 5/12/2019 1:56:43 PM
Ad Expiration Date: 6/12/2019 1:56:43 PM
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Item Description:
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

This machine was manufactured in 1880 or early 1881. There is no serial number or model designation on the machine (none that I can find, anyway). Turning the drive pulley by hand, the maximum stroke appears to be about 9". That's adjusted for absolute maximum, however; I suspect the rated stroke was probably more like 8", but I have no idea what rating practices were in those days. The fore-and-aft position of the ram is adjustable over a 15" range. As you can see from the photo's, I've separated the ram and the table/vise from the body of the machine to make it easier to move around.

The machine is in good working and cosmetic condition. There is little if any corrosion on it, and everything (including ram, table feed, tool head adjustment, and clapper box) move smoothly and freely. The only missing part is the handle which fits the hex-taper on the vise (a 7/8" deep socket will work if you can't find an authentic handle). The original drive was via a flat belt to the 4-step pulley on the machine... probably from a steam or water powered line shaft. A previous owner added a counter shaft with V-belt pulleys so an electric motor drive could be used.

I've included a photo of the electric motor that came with the machine: a 1/4hp, 110vac, 1725rpm of ancient Westinghouse Electric manufacture. It does run and the clutch does work, but for how long and how well I don't know. Despite appearance it might be workable, at least for the short term, and the metal base, spring loaded clutch (for inching the ram), and V-belt pulley might be of use even if the motor isn't.
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Approximate Dimensions and Weight:
Length = 45"
Width = 33"
Height = 52"
Weight = 850 lbs

The machine itself weighs in at about 560 lbs, the ram is 130 lbs, the table/vise is 100 lbs, and the motor is 60 lbs. The machine is on 2x8 skids and I have metal rollers that allow it to be moved relatively easily as far as my garage door. Beyond that I have no crane or other lifting mechanism to get it onto a truck bed, so you should be prepared to do that when you pick it up.
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